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How We Spent 4 days in Tulum on a BUDGET

house Ché & Cherice Sep 21, 2023

Have you ever thought about traveling out of the country for the holidays? Well lets talk about our budget-friendly trip to Tulum, Mexico. We spent four days in this beautiful Caribbean paradise last year over the holiday season and were able to have the time of our lives without breaking the bank. Here's how we did it:

First things first, transportation. We took the Ado bus from the Cancun Airport to Tulum which cost us $48 usd roundtrip, way cheaper than getting a taxi from the airport which can be costly. Now from the bus station in Tulum we took a taxi which cost us $10 usd round trip as well from the start to the end of our trip headed back to the airport.

Next up was our accommodations, We decided to go the Airbnb route and were able to find a cute little apartment just a short walk from the main strip of Tulum which cost us $268.82 usd for 4 days. Not only was it affordable, but it also allowed us to cook our own meals and save money on food.

Plus, staying in an Airbnb gave us the opportunity to live like locals and experience Tulum in a more authentic way. We went to the local grocery store for all our breakfast food and majority of our lunches and spent $35 usd which lasted the whole trip.

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Next, we wanted to explore the natural beauty of Tulum, and what better way to do that than bike riding? For those of you who don't know, Tulum is an up and coming vacation destination in the jungles of Mexico so there are mainly dirt roads and construction going on to make things more accessible.

We decided that we were going to venture out and rent bikes which was an amazing idea. Just on the next corner where our AirBnb was located we found a very affordable bike rental store called IBike Tulum. To rent 2 bicycles for 24hrs the price was $10 usd per person with a deposit of $99 usd that was held until we returned the bikes. An amazing experience to ride along the streets of Tulum and see everything the neighborhood had to offer.

Ché on a Bike In Tulum

In Tulum, you'll also find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and the best part is that they're all free to visit! We spent time at a beach club called Cinco Beach Club. Now there was a fee to sit on their lounge chairs on the beach but it was free to stay up near the beach club itself which has lounge chairs and swings in the sand and a restaurant.

We were able to sit a little farther up but still able to soak up the sun and see the crystal clear water. Cinco Beach club was the most money we spent at one place while on our trip totaling $75 usd for drinks and food. So don’t be afraid to ask about the prices and try to find the best beach club that works for your budget.

Overall, our four days in Tulum were filled with adventure, natural beauty, and most importantly, great memories. By choosing an Airbnb, shopping like locals, sightseeing, enjoying the beach club and renting bikes we were able to have an amazing trip without breaking the bank. Tulum is the perfect destination for budget-minded travelers looking for an unforgettable adventure.