Our Epic 18 Day Vacation In Playa Del Carmen

house Ché & Cherice Sep 17, 2023

We had this itch, you know? A craving to really soak up Playa's vibe, like really feel its heartbeat. So, we decided to chuck the fancy resorts and get all cozy in Airbnb pads across different neighborhoods. It was like we were tuning into each area's vibe, feeling its energy, and getting a taste of what makes Playa tick.

Our Airbnb game was strong—right smack in the heart of Playa del Carmen. I'm talking about steps away from shops, restaurants, beaches, and the legendary 5th Ave. We'd stroll around, soak in the pulse of the place, and it was like the town was telling us its secrets through its vibe.

Playa Del Carmen Airbnb

Ah, the food scene. We're talking traditional Mexican dishes that had stories deeper than the ocean, seafood so fresh you'd think it just hopped out of the water. Those street tacos? They became our daily ritual. And the seafood ceviche? Picture the ocean doing a salsa dance right on your tongue. And can we talk about the local eats? Y'all, they knew how to whip up magic without breaking the bank.

Oh, but shopping? It was like going on a treasure hunt every day. Markets and shops were like a treasure trove of all things imaginable. And don't even get me started on grocery shopping. Let's just say it became a whole adventure of its own. And when we needed to get around, taxis were our wingmen. Don't forget to bargain like a boss for the fare, so you don't feel like a tourist-taxi-target. If the deal doesn't work with your budget, walk away!

Around day 13, the beach life needed a break and we craved some adventure. Cue an ATV-packed excursion—jungle cruising, Cenote swimming, and zip-lining in the Tulum wilderness. ATV riding? Jungle zooming at its finest. Cenote Azul? Crystal-clear waters in a secret cave oasis, complete with bat buddies. Zip-lining? Heart-pounding, sweaty palms, and eyes shut—yeah, we were scaredy-cats. We tackled the lower zip-lines and gave the 100-foot beast a pass.

Our verdict on those 18 days in Playa del Carmen? Game-changing, for sure. We took the culture plunge, splashed in town vibes, and left our mark on the Playa storybook. Wanna scratch that culture, history, and adventure itch? Playa del Carmen's got your back. And hey, you wanna rock the local style? Nab an Airbnb in a cozy neighborhood, talk food like it's love poetry, and hunt down Playa's hidden treasures for a next-level adventure.

Ché & Cherice In Playa Del Carmen