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Marriage Bliss & A Lot of Other Sh!t

The podcast that's all about bringing you unfiltered conversations and candid insights into the wild journey of married millennials. In a world where picture-perfect social media often overshadows the reality of love and life, we are here to peel back the layers and dive into the real deal.

Whether you are navigating the realms of singlehood, dating, engagement, or the beautiful chaos of marriage, we've got you covered. Expect no sugar−coating, no glossing over the tough stuff − just us sharing personal experiences, vulnerabilities, and wisdom gained from years of walking through the twists and turns of relationships.

We are all about growth, positive vibes, and holding each other accountable to becoming the best versions of ourselves. When it comes to relationships, growth, and navigating life's rollercoaster − we've got a whole lot of other sh!t to share.

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